Backtesting in Metastock- Help on the system.

Hi all,

I am doing backtesting in metastock. The system is working fine if i put Point only test and its capturing all the required Buy and Sell signal and showing it in the chart.

However if i put initial equity as x, ( i have tried it from 1,000 to 100,000) and then do the backtesting its only capturing Sell signal and not the Buy signal.

At the time of Buy signal i am getting "Cancelled - Zero size" therefore not getting captured in the final testing.

I have tried :

1. Changing the margins from 5% to 100%

2. Changing the Long margins from 5% and then making it 100%.

3. Changing the Long keeping margins to 100%

None of them are working, whereas i am peacefully able to capture the short trade.

Halp !
I got the solution thanks anyways.

It was that the trading quantity in the Buy tab criteria was changed ( by mistake) to number of units = " ". Therefore it got cancelled.

Us Humans !

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