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Baba - "My Favorite Politician"


What Rahul baba said and what he meant

I read the following article this morning which made my day.
Thought I must share this here -for those who missed reading this.
Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi popped up on the political scene nearly 10 years ago, and since then,
he has been doing exactly that -- popping up every now or then and making statements which are taken up
for mass amusement by everyone but the Congress.

But let’s not be too harsh on him. For someone who is stuck with the eternal hash tag of ‘young’ and at forty,
is still being ‘groomed’, his attention is bound to waver from time to time. After all, he has to live up to his baba image!

As much as we Indians have always wanted our own George Bush, we still think Rahul is a much misunderstood man.

Presenting some of his more famous or rather infamous utterances.

On Monday, Rahul stunned the world by uttering ‘poverty is a state of mind’. This statement left not only the
economists of the world drop their collective jaws in part-astonishment, part-awe, but also reportedly has pushed
the ever-silent Dr Manmohan Singh to near speechlessness.

What he really meant: Baba really was trying to do is assert the facts his party seniors have been trying to prove --
that India is not a poor country and everyone can have a happy meal for Rs 5-12. We also think that he was laying
the foundation of what would come to know as the Self-Confidence Bill, which would
entitle everyone to have at least one self-help session at the local Baba Ramdev shivir.

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Thanks to the author
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