Are you an Internet Addict?

Are you an Internet Addict?

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Not that I am any of it, but the following line of thought kinda makes it easy for me to get onto a new train.

I once read on a mind-blowing self-development blog, something to the effect, that if you want to be rich, ask yourself, what would a rich person do if he were in your spot.

Would he waste time in anti-productive activity like friendly chatting or waste months and years and avoid facing the really hard parts of trading just because they are arcane or cuz they make you uneasy... I guess no!

And if you are unable to the needful then from within, you do not want to get rich... and in that case what you are doing all-day long (and for those many years) is just an excuse to hide-out and to fulfill some unproductive desire... like a rat on a turn-wheel. This activity won't get you anywhere in your social, financial, spiritual or physical life... you'd just be a rat on a wheel...

but you could choose to jump off and spend the energy looking for the fattest cheese in town... by god's grace that is your choice... you can start doing it right away... (whether you achieve it or not, is entirely a different post)

Once you find that switch within yourself.... you won't need discipline. You will develop a healthy amount of confidence and drive pretty quickly. You will find it easy to get off the wheel...

Excellent advise, the drive should come from within.

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