anyone heard of 10paisa ?

I was searching the website and came upron this one , ne of u heard of it ? they charge a lot ,is it advisble to join ?
4059,Street no.6,
New Madhopuri,

results are not credible as the date of recomm. is not mentioned and all 10 stocks weekly are also not listed so losing ones not mentioned. also, free trial for a week or a month at least should be provided and if not, then it is rubbish simple as that!
I too had subscribed once. What I found disgusting is that you get a lis of 10 stocks but no analysis report is given. Their recommendation is like prediction from a Swami that you have to digest irrespective of whether you like or not.
They give 10 stocks and inform that the time frame is 3 months. In all probabilities some of them are bound to go up. This, they highlight. I was a sucker for this once.

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