Anyone heard about ????

Your reasoning seems unresonalbe :annoyed: . I agree forex is illegal but there are many other instruments were we can trade legally. Trading has a probable 90 percentage failure rate so logically if we trade most likely we will loss money. Why should I pay some firm and give my profits away when I can trade and keep my profit myself. it seems this company blue-point-trading is a shady company. My advice to others will be to stay away from it

What others instruments are you going to trade legally and how? please explain. we all would like to know.Apart from stocks/currency futures and commodities.

All i said was trading with a prop firm is the only legal way to trade forex in india. So how is my reasoning unreasonable?

if you think blue point trading is a shady company, then don't trade with them and why should anyone take your advice?
But do you use prop firm to trade fx? Specially with Blue point?

They didn't answered to my questions. :confused:

Hello NewStarS,

thank you for reaching out to us over this forum and our apologies that you were unable to reach the local representative in Kolkata. He generally should be reachable during regular business hours and we would kindly encourage you to once more attempting to contact him through the contact details provided on the website.

Further to this, please allow us to answer directly to your message posted on this form as well as concerns regarding our Trader Trainee Programme. In one of your last posts you wrote the following:

There scheme is always profitable for them..nice business plan. You need to make 300 pips per month to receive payment. If you failed your money gone.
There lot size is 0.25 cent per pip. You will actually get half of it for paying $200 something. You will actually get 0.125 per pip for yourself if you made 300 pips. Use brain don't be stupid..

First of all, our Programme contains both of an educational and career opportunity aspect (note: we are leaving the educational part aside in this post and focus merely on the career opportunity aspect) and you will be guaranteed to verify and proof your trading skills.
The material truth of the career opportunity part of our Trader Trainee Programme is different than what you describe as actual multiplier levels are being increased throughout your participation in the Trader Trainee Programme. With that, the highest multiplier level that we offer as part of the Standard Account participation (that you were referring to with $ 0.25 for the first month) is $8.00 per Pip. Please kindly consult our Trader Programme Rules for more information.

The reason for implementing our Dollar for Pips approach is to be taking away the problematic issue of leverage from all Traders through the use of strict system trader enforcement rules. In short, it is supposed to change the thinking of the Trader to start trading correctly - we have surprisingly found that this approach has significantly improved the results of most traders and we would encourage you to please consult the reference pages on our approach to risk management for more information on this subject.

Also, when you say, "There scheme is always profitable for them..nice business plan.," Please be advised that our one time enrollment fee is charged as an administrative fee for both our educational and career opportunity efforts - running an operation with a dedicated support team which is accessible for everyone at such low cost we believe is something unique in the marketplace.

Trading is not easy, and only the tougher skinned and hard working people with good realistic attitudes will survive. Certainly our programme is not for everyone. Here is an article we have written that may interest you:

But in any case, we appreciate your thoughts and like you, yearn for the days when things will be free and guaranteed.

Kind Regards,
The BPT Social Media Team
Thank you Blue point for sharing your view on my comment.
The article which you shared is interesting, I like the term snake oil. Most of the people about prop firm use this term.
Ok, I will re try the contact page.

About free things, Some prop firms levies entrance fees for traders who have proven profitable track records for at least 6 months. Do you have such options? Or any discount for successful traders?

Hello New StarS,

thanks for your message and the main reason we charge a nominal enrollment fee is to avoid thousands of applications from people who do not know how to trade and/or are not willing to make the required effort to become a successful trader. As a result we would be wasting resources and money to evaluate and work with these “unqualified” traders.

In addition, as you, Blue Point Trading does not provide good services for free. By charging a moderate one time enrollment fee we manage to avoid this situation, given that only committed individuals who feel they can meet the required minimum parameters will apply for a trading career with us. In short you need to have some skin in the game and feel the stress of losing something or you will not take it seriously enough. Please do note that our good qualified traders earn this Enrollment fee back and earn trader payouts at the same time.

With regards to:
"Ok, I will re try the contact page."

Good - we have advised them that you will be in touch shortly and they expect your message or call.

Kind Regards,
The BPT Social Media Team

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