Any Suggestions on intraday trading techniques?

Hi Friends,

I am Shivakumar and new here. Although i have been doing short term trading recently started off with intraday trading. Can anyone give me some inputs on day trading strategically would be helpful.

Thanks in advance
Your join date is Dec 2015, but looks like this is your first post. If you have not been regularly trading since then, then avoid intraday for now. It's more of a pro field. I tried this and incurred huge loss. Doesn't mean you can't do it. But with intraday esp with margin there are a lot of things you need to learn.

Most imp and what the brokers dont tell you is that the losses are even bigger than profits. The brokerage is levied on the total trade value and not just the margin value. So even if you make a profit by the EOD you may be at loss. I suggest using a spreadsheet to calculate brokerage and various taxes when you place an order in margin intraday.

I'm sure other more experienced traders here will give you some useful insights to the technicalities of intraday.
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