Anti-Virus suggestion :

I heard this name "hijackthis" after a long long time :). It was a wonderful software and not heavy on the resources.
Just one more thing in addition to the useful suggestions above, boot your PC in "safe mode" and then run your diagnostics and curatives.

When you power on your PC, keep pressing F8 or Shift F8 while it is booting. It should bring up the menu options for safe mode.
Where all have you been taking your computer to?

You've installed way too many nav bars

Step 1) turn off internet. open browser. tuen popup blocker/ ad blocker on.... remove whatever browser extensions you can

Step 2) turn on internet and see if problem is vanished. If not...

Step 3) If Step 1 fails. Uninstall the browser (I hope you are not using Microsoft browser as default in which case, you will have to reinstall the OS)

Step 4) Install browser named Brave instead of Chrome...
Sir, hijackthis is a small free utility, it will instantly show all startup and running services and processes, good n bad... this is probably a BHO ( browser helper object ), just read the entry in scan n remove unknown BHO entries , dont remove everything in scan or else PC might not start...
hijackthis has many forums where experts analyse the scan log n say what to remove n how to fix virus problem..
good luck... :)
Sir, In my PC,qewe is spread all over the place(I don't know what is qewe).qewe is suffixed all the name of the files(pdf,jpg,videos,photos,and so many files).I am not able to open any file.How to overcome this problem? Please suggest the solution.

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