Amibroker to Nest (autoit Script tool)


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i am not going to check it, but i was looking for one many months ago. thank you so much for your contribution to the trader world.

There is also an excellent Orderman utility by traderji user @TracerBullet focused on Now trading plaform.


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dear rushikesh,
Thanks for sharing your it just a utility or its paython coding?
updated link for code. now supports both buy and sell.
Looks great so far,..
A video demo will be much better though.

Also, can this be invoked via any other terminal other then Ami ?? As i dont use Ami, I m more interested in firing orders via other platforms where i m more comfortable like Ninja or Multicharts ??

Also if u can show the both buy and sell orders text file (sample will do,) so that we can find ways to automate orders via other platforms.. :)

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