AMFI NAV problem


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NAV for Sundaram Diversified Equity in AMFI is as follows.

119549;INF903J01NN3;-;Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) Direct Plan - Growth;127.0113;01-Apr-2021
119548;INF903J01NL7;INF903J01NM5;Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) Direct Plan - Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW);14.9249;01-Apr-2021
100614;INF903J01512;INF903J01520;Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) Regular Plan - Growth;12.5905;01-Apr-2021
101853;INF903J01538;-;Sundaram Diversified Equity (ELSS) Regular Plan - Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW);122.8838;01-Apr-2021

But for regular plan Sundaram site shows as below.

Regular plan ANV is not correct in AMFi list. How to inform and correct AMFI.

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