afl help plz !!


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hi , experts plz help me in coding below mentioned conditions , as i backtest it by bar to bar on commodities and really it gives very good result , plz on ur free time take a look on this ................

it is an positional system tradeable on 30 m on volatile and most volume stocks..........

required :
20 wilder moving average (can be change trough parameter window)
supertrend (can be change trough parameter window)(currently using 2,6)
adx value (can be change through parameter window)
an oscillator for timing the entry

entry :when price is above/below from both wilder moving average and supertrend and adx >20

exit : when price crosses supertrend (it is for profit booking)

no trading zone when price is in between wilder and supertrend.

i want simply buy sell arrows for above conditions ...........
main things is parameters of wilder , supertrend and adx should be changable throgh pramater window , so that we can check by changing the value .........
plz make this code explorable and backtestable , so that it can be backtested easily on all other scripts......

main thing is wider will take us in right side of an market and
supertrend (2,6) will help us in sharp trailing stoploss ,
we did not take buy signals when price is below wilder ,

comments for improving the system is welcomed , idea is taken by the forum itself and i test bar by bar , result is good ,whenever there is a move , this will take a ride of it surely..............


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we can also use wilder's high - low band , instead of using single wilder ,it will avoid some noises...............
senior's plz , give ur observation's for improvement .............

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