afl coding help required for nr7 trading

Respected Seniors...

AFL Coding help is required for buy sell nr7 setup..

For getting best out of NR7 startegy . We need to place both buy and short order as we have to place both buy and sell with Stop Loss,

go long above the Day's high of NR7 day with stop at the Day's Low of NR7 day.

Go short below the Day's Low of NR7 day with stop at the Day's High of NR7 day.

Once the orders are placed, we just need to wait for the stock to either go up and trigger our buy order or go down and trigger our short order.
But there are two major issues with NR7 strategy.
  1. Sometimes there are more than 10 to 15 stocks that comes in NR7 watchlist, unable to place all orders.
  2. Sometimes after we place the order, the stock hits stop loss and reverses in opposite direction. If we have not taken the 1st trade and taken only 2nd trade we would have made profits.
we just have to wait and watch for the first order to get trigger, once it gets triggered, we will then only place the second order in our trading account.
for example if Exide:
First triggered sell order at 246, then in few mins it moved up and hit stop loss at 250. If we have skipped this first order, and placed only the buy order, we would have made higher profit.
So the solution is wait for the first order to happen and place second order..""

Can we make afl to generate buy or sell order by ignoring the first condition if it all it has happened.

Thanks .. in anticipation...

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