ADX Scan & Indicator

Dear All,

I am a new member in this forum. I don't know about the writing afl codes for amibroker. Any Member Expert in afl coding, please write a ADX Scanner for amibroker with following parameters.

Up Trend:
Filter:ADX < 25 and ADX > -DI and +DI >20 and +DI <30
= +DI > -DI ( Cross Up )
Display Message : Buy ( A Green Arrow should point up wards )

Up Break out:
Buy= +DI > -DI and
+DI > 30 and -DI <20
Display Message :Resistant Breakout ( A Yellow Star * should point down wards )

Dn Trend:-DI > 20 and -DI < 30
Sell = -DI > +DI

Display Message : Sell ( A Red arrow should point down wards )

Dn Break out: -DI >30 and +DI < 20
Sell = -DI > +DI and

Display Message : Support Breakout ( A Red Star * should point Up wards )

I don't know how to start and end the ADX Scan Afl for Amibroker.

Any member can write a good afl to meet the above Conditions. I request you please help me. Advance Thanks for all who supports me.

Display Message: Stock in UpTrend When ADX > 20 and +DI > 20 & -DI < 20

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