Achievers vs Action Financial


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In last one week, I received marketing calls from

Action Fin
and LKP

LKP was offering to outmatch my existing broker for the business but somehow I never like businesses that are willing to shift their prices in order to entice customers.

Achievers and Action Fin are close competitors for me. Acheivers wants 500 per month (?) for unlimited trading. Action fin is going to charge 1 paisa per transaction
which means that they will allow me 50000 transactions (between 200-250 per day). Action has provided online calculator for all other govt charges and their
calculators is best I've ever seen (Closest that I recall is Composite edge) Achiever I could not find any transaction calculator. Action is in Mumbai.
Achiever is HQ'd in Kolkata.

My main account is with Sharekhan which I am OK with. They are expensive, yes. but their s/w's run by and large and staff responds within few minutes.

I would like to get rid of another broker in which to obtain current ledger balance takes 3 days. It is not available thru s/w I have. I have to send email.
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