A brief study on nifty options for intraday

This study was helpfull to me to decide whether to go for a BUY or SELL in intraday .

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Thanks TP bhai for your advice it is working like wonder, though i ve done it with 3-15 crossover. JAN 12 -2024 i was trying out your given method, suddenly Dad was feeling uneasy in morning 10 am. But i was busy trying out the method, at 11 am i stopped my trading and went out to find some doctor. at evening he was hospitalised and in span of after 2-3 hrs he was no more. Heart blockage, a diabetic patient. Most saddest day of my life, cant express the grief in words. Feeling life is incomplete:(.

From that day till now i hardly sat on system for a single time. Being said all, As I am also a pre diabetic person I have realized i need to give sleep a priority. Just watched beer biceps Podcast on diabetes. Also i have realized the 2-3 methods i used, i have found out that your method is working well than my system and second thing is the scalping. i am getting good results in scalping but that one trade is screwing my profits. again one more good thing with scalping is that you dont need to sit infront of system from 9.15 AM. you can scalp at any given point of time in a day. And that is allowing me to take good sleep.

So finally i have decided to go with scalping in second half session of market. its a win win situation for me, i can manage my job as well as trading.

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