2 MA Method- easier part of "Pivot Method"


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In my following thread I have discussed the 2 MA method. But it needs separate attention along with lots of charts.

Pivot Trading Thread

I do not want to disturb the Pivot thread.

So for that reason starting a new thread..


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Previously I was using this Setup:

We will use SMA 21 & EMA 8 in both Time frame chart.

When in higher TF chart; price above both the MA line, buy in lower TF when price break out of the both line above it.

When in higher TF price below both the MA line, sell the lower TF when price break down / break a pivot low (when price below both MA line in Lower TF).

I will post some charts for this setup.

After some analysis, I am now using 9 EMA & 21 EMA.


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NF 60 min chart:

NF 15 min Chart:

At point A, in 60 min chart you can see that price move over the sideways move of the previous days- also move above both the MA line.

Now look into 15 min chart:

Entry above point A, SL two bar low; 1st ADD over point C;
From entry point look for rule of Rally and decline;

We will get out when there will be decline or our exit rule of what ever I have told previously.

second add over point D -some how half cut :( in the picture.

Point E still no decline, one bar after point E, decline not confirmed..

At point G, exit.
Posted in the Pivot thread


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Picture of Rally and Decline:

Point one to Point two- Rally, Price moving higher- important is higher low. One more important point is see in Rally there is a Red Bar also- do not get confuse, in Rally, there can be Red bar, the colour is not important, the price movement important.

From Point four to Five- price moving down, so it is Decline. Here also note that one green bar is there - but it is 4 to 5 is Decline.

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