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    Yes Bank - smart move by Gill

    Ravneet Gill surprised markets by declaring a massive loss in Q4 numbers of Yes Bank. However, this could be a blessing in disguise for the bank. In a single stroke he has almost completely eliminated the overhang from IL&FS and Jet to some extent. And with the announced capital raising of over...
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    Yes Bank - Beggar and Ferrari

    You know the story of the beggar who won a lottery? He immediately and got himself a Ferrari. When the salesman asked him what he would do in the Ferrari, the beggar told him, why, he would go begging in his new Ferrari, of course! The market seems to be treating YesBank, in very much the same...
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    Yes Bank Analysis: Is it a Good Buy?

    There are lot of speculation surrounding Yes Bank,after RBI asked MD and CEO of Yes Bank to step down citing discrepancies in the way bank had reported its bad loan numbers. Read: RBI Gives Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor Only Four More Months As MD And CEO The letter by RBI was issued on 17th...