1. R

    Need a place where to find all these information (indian stocks)

    pe ratio Total mkt cap Current working assets Total assets Total Liability Earnings per share Beta value Debt Long term debt Short term debt Divident if given and from which year Inventory cost Any magazine / website recommendations are welcome
  2. A

    Website to track BSE announcement and news for a stock?

    I see the stock prices react to the news a lot like financial results or a deal. But currently, there is nothing that can deliver the alerts to me very quickly like just before anybody gets it. I mean so quickly. Is there anything like that? I want something that is free and works really well.
  3. Traderji

    Scheduled Website Upgrade on July 3rd

    Dear Members, We will be performing software upgrade on Monday 3rd July between 4 pm to 10 pm IST. What are we bringing? This upgrade is the most incredible technology upgrade of Traderji forum. Here are few things we are bringing to you on July 4th: Simple and elegant design...
  4. G


    Please let me know where we can find list of small value stocks according to value say 10-100 rs? Where we can search them according to price.Any websites? Please share.
  5. abhay.fintech

    Best Website for Latest (updated) Financial Data on Individual Companies

    Dear All, I am trying to prepare an excel file for around 20 companies with all the basic fundamental data (P&L, B/S, Market price) and then the excel will calculate the basic ratios (p/e, p/bv, RoE, RoE/pbv etc). The problem is - Looking into annual report of each and every company for...
  6. M

    Whats your opinion about Rizm algotrading and backtesting

    So i have been searching for an online back testing site and came across RIZM which offers back testing and algo trading for US markets. I have tried their algobuilder and its very nice and we dont need any kind of programming skills. Whats your opinion about this site?Is the backtest results...
  7. M

    paper trading websites in mutual funds india

    Is there any virtual/paper trading websites available in india for indian mutual funds and can you name a few?
  8. A

    Website Developer Required

    Hi All, I am looking for a website developer who can create a stock market trading website for me. Please post your numbers suggestions and feedback. People around delhi preferred. Thanks all.
  9. B

    Is there any site which gives CAGR returns of share price?

    For eg I want to know what compounded annual growth rate return is given by RIL from 2000 to till now then from where do I get such data? I know CAGR can be easily calculated in excel, but that dividends/stock splits/bonus, etc. have to be tracked and accounted separately. So I wanted to...
  10. E

    Scanner/Screener websites

    Hi , i wanted to ask about Websites that Scan/Screen stocks based on defined indicator parameters. Currently i use many different website yet unable to get desired output. Any advice?