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    Hello Everyone

    Hi I am Jordan Schleider from USA. I am new here and I have joined this community to gain some new experiences of trading. I am glad to be a part of this forum.
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    Asset Under Management (AUM) of mutual fund industries

    I'm doing a study on the mutual funds industry and need the following information- > The Total Asset Under Management of the following countries: USA, UK, India, Japan, France, Germany, Japan and Australia. > The total aggregate Asset Under Management of the mutual funds industry of the...
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    Moving to US for Short-Term. Can I Trade Online Normally as if I am in India?

    Hello friends, I would be moving to US for about 6-7 months as my company is sending me there for a new project. I have demat account with Sharekhan linked with my HDFC Bank's salary account. I normally do everything online. I would be going with L1 B visa. It would be great if someone can...
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    any one living in us(NRI) and trading indian markets?

    hello traders, is there any one in this forum living in usa(NRI) and trading indian markets?