trend reversal

  1. Kodene

    Navigating the Parts of the Charts

    In forex trading, we use indicators and rabbits feet, EAs and blind faith to inform our trading strategy. Me, I'm arriving a little late to the chart party. Line chart, bar char and candlestick chart analysis and now I'm looking at Japanese candlestick pattern. A candle actually tells us...
  2. C

    Has AshokLeyland made a double top.

    Has Ashok Leyland Made a double top at weekly charts. Can any body verify it please
  3. sdalal

    RELIGARE-Cool Off before big Bang

    RELIGARE: Stock breached its long term resistance line on 23rd april. The declining trendline which started in Jan 2008, continued as a big resistance till it broke out . breakout was confirmed with high volume. As of Now stock will come to test the earlier resistance line which is now a...
  4. sdalal

    TECHM: Technically want to be UP

    TECH M: Below is the daily chart of TECH M. From feb it is making lower lows,but this the end of this channel,as it been narrow now. With oscillators are from last many days are in oversold,just making things good now,it to have long poition once it breaks upper channel line. .
  5. sdalal

    ABAN OFFSHORE- Rigging up the JIGS

    In the feb-march rally, the stock moved sideways, and find a resistance at 50% retrachment and recently brokedown the channel. But on friday it just moved upperside,find a resistance on channel line C.with both RSI and STOCH becoming positive, I think it will move upwards.Once it passes Line...