1. M

    dematerialisation from share certificates

    hello, i have share certificates of jsw steel of my brothers name can i transfer to my name of physical share certificate before deamterialisation?
  2. Q

    How do you transfer contacts from iPhone to sim card?

    I am planning on selling my iPhone 4 but most of my contacts are on the iPhone and not on the sim card. How do I transfer all of my contacts from my iPhone to my sim card?
  3. K

    Transfer ALL e-silver holdings from one broker to another

    I have e-silver holdings in NSEL (National spot exchange) Demat account. I want to transfer all to another broker. Can I maintain the same demat account i.e. move the entire demat account to the new broker? If this is not possible, please advise the best (least cost) way to achieve transfer of...
  4. arun_mathaiyan

    <Transferring Shares and Mutual Fund to another demat account>

    Hi, I want to transfer all the shares and mutual funds from my old icici demat account to the new sharekhan account. I know there is option to transfer shares but i have tax saving mutual fund with lockin period. Is it possible to transfer the tax saving and normal equity mutual fund to...
  5. K

    Difference of names in Paper Shares and Demat Account

    I have a query related to dematerializing share certificates which are currently in paper form.. My mother owns a number of share certificates of Reliance group. She wants to transfer these funds to my name. We know the process of dematerializing shares but there is an issue. The name...
  6. V

    Transfer of shares

    I need to transfer my shares held in one bank's DMAT account to my wife as a second holder in another banks DMAT account where we have a joint account. How do I go about doing this? The shares are currently held in my name with my sister as a joint holder. Now I need to replace my sister with my...