dematerialisation from share certificates


PHYSICAL SHARES consultation
YES you can do it by using SH-4 form as share transfer form . your brother is seller and you are buyer . you have to put /get franked for share transfer stamps @0.25% of market value.


PHYSICAL SHARES consultation
SH-4 can be downloaded from internet .just google by the word and you will have it. getting share transfer stamps will be tough as you have to go the government Treasury with duly executed form and get the same franked....or may be some banks also do it.
you have to send the duly executed form to the registrar or company by registered or speed post.
the sellers signature must match with the records in company and if the shares are very old ,it is always advisable to attach a bank letter attesting his signature. LAST DATE FOR PHYSICAL SHARE TRANSFER IS 05 DECEMBER 2018 as of now.
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