1. A

    Explosive Technique

    Hi Anyone has Explosive Technique AFL or strategy used by powerup capital by Kishore M. Kindly Share your views on Powerup Capital as well...:thumb:
  2. intellibitz

    2013 New Year Trading Resolutions

    2013 New Year Trading Resolutions My 2013 resolution: "CONTROL what you can. LEVERAGE what you cannot" Feel free to post your 2013 trading resolution and what you think about them. 2012 resolutions...

    [SHORT TERM] NIFTY (trade setups)

    Hi Friends, I will be posting short term analysis and trade setups for nifty index. I will keep my post brief and convey most of my analysis via charts (technical analysis). Scrip: NIFTY Instrument: Futures & Options Duration: Intraday to 5 trading days. Happy Trading, Thank you...
  4. intellibitz

    Trade of the Month

    Trade of the Month Sometime a trade sets up nicely and looks too good to be ignored. Feel free to update this thread on what you think will be a good trade not just for the day or week but for the entire month. TOM - Jan 2012 NIFTY Buy > 4800 NIFTY Sell < 4800 This thread can live...
  5. S

    New To Forex

    HI Everybody, I am new to this forum & hence want to go ahead with trustworthy partners or friends, well again I have to judge who is right & who is wrong, can anyone tell me how to start foreign exchange trading, let us have pleasure working Regards / shreekuber :) :clapping: :cheers:
  6. K

    Fine Tuning Trading...

    Hello Everybody... Lets fine-tune our tradings.... Generally i follow a v.simple approach based on Candle-Stick Patterns, Vol. Movement & Support and Resistance Levels.... Here is the chart of Aarti Industries I entered this stock on 24-01-2011 @ 58.98( i add brokerage and charges to the...
  7. B

    Happy new 2o11

    Hi and members.
  8. S

    how trade happens in market

    i would like to know here rules governing the trades means if someone has ordered to buy a stock on 100 and prices jump from 103 to 99 what will happen to this order. if it wil remain pending will it be loss for both buyer and seller. bacially i want to know the algorithm of trade
  9. sdalal


    DEAR FRIENDS,I have come with some stock which trades in future, As we can short only in future, Check the chart before going short.( i have seen the charts and come up with the same)THIS are not is reference. 1 JINDAL STEEL: Close Below 600,..Stop Loss 622. 2 Bharat Forge ...
  10. K

    Angel broking sold more than what i have

    dear all members i really need a help I have an online account with angel broking pvt. ltd. Prince Anwar shah Road branch Kolkata. My DP ID is (CDSL ********) / trading client id: KLPA***, using angel pda and angel diet as trading platform. From few days I am having debit balance...
  11. S


    Hi All, First post in Traderji. I am an intraday trader and started doing F&O a year before and planning to do that in full stretch. Hey, Where can I get the ChartsData software? Any help? Thanks, Regards, Sharmila
  12. sub2501

    PLs do help,

    hello everyone, I'm new to traderji, also i'm a trader and trade depending on fundamental analysis,I want to trade by technical analysis(Chart), but have no idea on technical analysis, can anyone say what should i do to understand the technical analysis, well abt me I'm only 10+2 qualified...
  13. Nehal_s143

    Positional Trades AFL

    i am small day trader, i found a strategy for positional trades on net, i want to create AFL for the same so that strategy can be tested Condition 1. MACD (12,26,9) is Below Zero & Stochastic (20,5,5) has given negative cross over, plot sell signal if satisfy the condition & close below...
  14. Ganesh543

    What is the full form of BSE Index -> HC,CG,CD ?

    Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? Can Anyone Tell Some Best Volatile Intraday Stocks ? I mean your favourite intraday stocks ..... Thanks Ganesh