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    Technique to gain from equities market

    Is there any site where i can get nr7 stocks for tomorrow,, and also profit/loss gained from previous nr7 stocks ... and nr7 history not only nr7 but all other techniques too
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    Plz help me... I'm almost broke

    Hi, I'm beginner to intraday, I trade looking by trends.... But some how everytime I buy a share it starts to go in reverse direction.... Always.... So I panic and sell it.... Then it starts going high..... Then I thought of joining advisory services, but they are very costly and can't...
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    Simple Trading Strategy

    This is a simple trading strategy that can be used if one has access to a trading terminal : * After 15 minutes of the market open, sort the stock on the basis of % gainers or loosers. * Check the Nifty if trading positive or negative. * If the Nifty is 20 points positve, go long on a...