techical analysis

  1. punam.fintrade

    Book on Technical Indicators ( MACD, RSI etc ) - Construction and Working of Indicators in Stock Market ?

    Friends, I need a comprehensive book on Technical Indicators ( eg, MACD, RSI etc ). Where they explain how the indicators are constructed and how it is used to trade in the market. I have read few of the books on Technical Analysis where they skim through this section. I need information in...
  2. M

    How to select signal line parameter in MACD

    The default settings of MACD is 12-26-9 in which 12 is the fast ema 26 is slow ema and 9 is the signal line. If i want to select 25 as fast ema and 60 as slow ema then what should i select as signal line. Should i keep 9 or have to change my default signal parameter. I know we can keep any...
  3. M

    What is the formula for zig zag indicator

    Do you know the formula for calculating zig zag indictor
  4. M

    How to decrease minor cross over in moving average crossover

    Moving average crossover technique is a widely used one Buy MAlong < MAshort sell MAlong > MAshort but this technique produces many unnecessary crossover signals like this one How can i prevent these unnecessary crossovers? Tried increasing the duration but creates other...
  5. I

    Please verify my Technical Analysis.

    Hello Traderji, I have done some Analysis and This stock appers to move up in a few days. Scrip: ASTEC Buy Rate: Above 59.6 Stop Loss: 57.2 Target: 77.9/102.80 (Fib extension level) Duration: 8-10 Days. Reasons to Buy: 1) The stock has formed a symmetrical triangle in daily and...
  6. sdalal

    USD/INR: just move down

    EUR/USD Support EUR/USD has support at 1.3785. Europe is facing new challenges as After greece ,there is a talk of Spain and Portugal may come in a mess. Eur/USD may touch 1.35 in coming weeks. IND/USD ,can see 44.1 ON 19th feb: Eur/USD made a low of 1.344
  7. R

    A Student

    Hello. Prudvi Raj here. I am from Hyderabad. I am a student of Chartered Accountancy. I am just starting to study the stock market and trading basics. I am looking for a comprehensive list of techniques I can use for judging a stock clearly. A link from this forum could be a helpful...