1. C

    Share your Tax issues.

    Hi All, I am opening this new thread for any tax related questions that you have - from derivative trading to crypto taxation. Happy to help you to the extent possible. Regards CA Nikhil
  2. C

    Answer for Taxation Queries

    Dear All, Over past couple of years, especially after demonetization, we have seen an avalanche of amendments in taxation laws, be it regarding how you file returns under 44AD, the tax return forms, cash deposits, reporting requirements (Form 61A) etc. I would be glad to help you all for...
  3. C

    Hello Friends - CA at your service

    Dear All, I am Nikhil kaushik, a Chartered Accountant based out of Mumbai. Will be glad to share my knowledge on tax related matters here. Regards
  4. A


    Hi there, I'm an old hand at trading, but looking to change the way I do my taxes. Briefly, my accountant doesn't inspire confidence on how to deal with these transactions, so I'm looking to do them myself, using tally. I found a very, very useful thread on Traderji - highly recommend it...
  5. S

    Accounting Entries and Taxation for Stocks & F&O-A thread for settling these issues.

    Hello All I intend this thread to be the bible for book-keeping auditing and taxation of stock and F&O trading operation. Please add your questions and answer whatever you can from the questions below. Can someone please advise regarding the following: In case, one buys or sells a...
  6. D

    Taxation for income from forex..

    Hi forex experts... can anyone tell me, the taxation details for income from forex trading via online forex trading platforms? how should we mention the income on our IT returns? Will it be treated as short term capital gains? or as bussiness income? Thanx in advance.
  7. diosys

    Fire your tax related queries and i would get it solved!!!

    Hi all.... I thought a lot of our traderji members would be having taxing issues...Hence i am launching this thread for people who wish to seek some advice on issues pertaining to Income Tax or Service Tax.... I would try to solve them to the best of my ability and knowledge.... See Ya...