1. S

    DSIJ - Magazine

    Is it possible to get dalal street investment journal magazine for free download on every release?
  2. Shivam DUbey

    Apply for IPo as an HNI

    If we apply as an HNI investor, what are the chances of getting the allotment. I mean if the oversubscription is done by many times under HNi category do all the applicants get some allotment?
  3. S

    charting software having option to draw atleast 6 emas ...

    I want to subscribe one charting software service but want to know which software provide to draw atleast 6 emas at the same time. any one using charting software from their experience please suggest me. skd:)
  4. J

    SMS/email alerts

    Hi Guys, I am a new short term trader in NSE cash segment. I am looking for a website where I can configure my stocks to get price alerts on sms or email. I understand its going to be on payment basis. My profession does not allow me to sit on the computer and monitor the prices, but I...