stock picks

  1. nikki5_me

    Model Portfolio stock selection

    This thread is a combination of both technical and fundamentals of a stock along with the allocation needs to be done. Firstly, I am not a tipster and also am not some "expert". I am here to learn and while learning would like to include the wise advise of all the members here, especially ST da...
  2. S

    How do you pick your stocks ?

    Dear Friends, I am conducting a study on the most sought after methods used by traders and investors for finding out what a stock will do. Please extend your participation in this simple poll. Your vote will remain anonymous and confidential. Once we find the results, I will share something...
  3. D

    Investors guide

    Top Analysts do analysis regarding stock market before giving stock tips.Did anyone heard of hionstocks?
  4. D

    top stocks

    Does any one have knows websites through which people can get stock ideas.?
  5. D

    stock analysis

    Guys how much analysis is needed before investing into stocks.
  6. U

    Uday, technical analyst

    1) Am trading in market since 2 years and saw ups and downs in the market. :thumb: 3) Am interested in trading in equities and investing now and then based on the trend of the stock. 4) In early days of trade, I used lots of softwares for assistance. But they failed to give me the accurate...