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    SLOPING spreads

    Hello folks The title may seem bit confusing ... agree ... it is not a std term. Well, there are vertical speads (same month, different strike prices) and there are horizontal spreads (successive months, same strike price). If you make a combo of these two, what you get is "SLOPING...
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    Nifty Sense of Direction - 4 Weeks Duration

    Hello , I intend to set up an Options Credit spread in the first week of every month , and let it remain for the four weeks till expiry. The spread breakeven point being either 4% above or below than the current value. How do I determine , whether I should choose a bearish spread or...
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    Any one doing day trading from office

    Can I place this kind of Order Hi all can I place following kind of order in cash market say a a stock is priced at Rs 100 , I want to sell at Rs 103 and my stop loss is Rs 105 . I want to place a order such that when stock reaches 103 it is sold and if it rises to 105 my position is...