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    Gold languishes at 7-week low as fund outflows resume

    Falls below $1,280 briefly but recovers, still near 7-wk low.Gold hit a fresh seven-week low on Tuesday, after posting its first monthly drop of the year, as investors pulled money out of bullion backed exchange-traded funds in favour of riskier assets such as equities. Bullion prices are...

    Online Commodity Trader

    Dear, I am happy to join,and wish good luck to all.Myself is banker of 30 year experince.Since 2010 I have stared trading in Spot Commodities,E-Gold ,E-Silver & E-copper in NSEL India.I do interaday as well as keeping commodity in reserve.So far my stragey is to check $ rates and...
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    Need help researching gold

    Hi, I recently started trading spot gold and am looking forward to get a bit of guidance with it from experience traders. Currently, i research using for news updates and do a little bif of reading (news) here and there... also i do some basic tech analysis on the live charts...