span margin

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    Download Margin for all instruments

    Hi Experts, Is anyone aware of any site where we can download the span,exposure margins for all instruments on NSE ? I know there are many margin calculators - but constructing long-short portfolios is a problem if doing it manually via these websites. Moreover, they seem not to match with the...
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    SPAN Margin

    Hello How are you people. Need to know SPAN Margin for the following portfolio as each broker is charging a different amount All Feb Series, each one lot. 5500 Call Sell 5500 Put Buy 5200 Call Buy 5200 Put Sell -Talon
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    Online trading Vocabulory

    Hello All, This is my first post on this site, And I never purchased any stock, Few days back I open a demat account and online trading account. When I logged in into my online trading account, I found many new tearms to decide the order for good return. can any stock guru teach me the...
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    Calculate SPAN Margin

    Hi all I want to know the SPAN Margin for all scrips at one go. how to do the same. pl tell me in my dealing room there is pcspan but it takes too much time & also u can calculate only one scrip at a time. so anyone of you knows the calculation logic or otherwise a way to...