1. Kabali

    What really works in professional commodity trading? My Trading Strategies

    Dear Friends, I am trading in MCX Market for the past 7 years. But I am new to Traderji. For the professional commodity traders, I have some trading plan and strategies to share with you. I will share one by one through my articles in the coming post
  2. M

    my silver trading strategy & results

    hi traders , i am madan from ap. i have a strategy on silver & it's my own. i want to share my experience on day trading today onwards. i will update my daily trading results (profit / loss) please share your experience on commodity trading.
  3. rebeck10

    Is silver worth a buy now ?

    Hi members, require your valuable suggestion on buying silver 1) silver is trading at 42.3 k approx. Is it a good time to buy it now, considering its under-priced. wht's the all time low of silver? 2) which contract should I buy the sep , dec or the next year. Wht timeframe should i expect to...
  4. S

    International Metal Brokers charts to follow MCX trading

    MCX does not give real time graph of prices . e.g. Silver Mini. .It only gives instant prices. Silver market prices are global. My Question - is there a link you can share where I can see Silver Price CANDLESTICKS so I know whats going to happen to the market ?
  5. E

    Increase of transaction cost in mcx

    Hi experts As all of you know that in new budget government have imposed 0.01 % ctt on commodity trading. Up to 31st march 2013 it was charged as 450/- on one car ore turnover. Now it will become 1000+450= 1450. I have been trading in Mcx silver and my broker is RK global. Cost of brokerage...
  6. A

    Silver trading.

    What return on investment one should aim (monthly) while trading silver?
  7. K

    Best News site for bullion?

    Hello friends, Could you please suggest the best site for getting up to the date news affecting gold/silver prices? I lost out on when the non-farm payroll news was released yesterday evening and hope to avoid that. Thanks all
  8. G

    Gold and Silver

    I am not a gold bug, due to my personal historical believes and developments, I happen to love trading gold and silver. Painfully and slowly, I have gained some insight into how to make money by trading these commodities. I am interested in learning from others who are educated in the field...
  9. P

    pankaj joshi

    Hi l am pk joshi
  10. vssoma

    Silver is Gold

    Gold shines, but silver is the moneymaker........... Silver has been a better hunting ground for speculative profits than gold this year. A big reason is how much cheaper it is for a speculator to get into the metal. still we don't have a thread on SILVER specially to discuss and share...
  11. R

    How to invest in Silver

    Hi all, I want to invest in silver for long term. I want to know what all options are available to invest in silver in Online form. I dont have any idea of commodity markets but have a good idea of stocks, F&O. Can i buy silver in electronic form and hold it for 2-3 yrs (without rollover)...
  12. S

    How to buy Silver?

    Hi, I want to invest in Silver. Can any one help me to find out the best Silver ETF or anyother place to buy Silver units.. I have an account with ICICIDirect. Can I purchase Silver through ICICIDirect ? Note: I do not want to buy physical Silver. Thanks in advance. Surbhit Jain
  13. B


    hi, to all. i wud like to share my views n experience with all our fellow traders. i hv been in the market since last 20 years, wen the golden era of indian economy was beginning with the then Finance minister, Hon'ble Shri Manmohan Singh opened d doors of indian economy in 1992. i had seen...
  14. P

    Hello & Greetings from Dadar, Mumbai

    It would be Great if we could buy Silver Certificates BACKED BY PHYSICAL SILVER, in denominations of 50, 100, 500 grams & 1 Kg from Banks wherein A/C, PAN & KYC exists. These certs could be traded at the Bank or Banks who will charge reasonably for their time. This will obviate the Hassel...
  15. sdalal

    GOLD v/s USD.: changing co-relation

    Gold -Short situation. Gold ,yesterday was volatile and played in both direction with high of 1068$ and Low of 1044.Close 1065. $1070-75 range is resistance for gold.Short Gold in current position keeping Stop Loss of $1077. Down side target is 1044,1025. May on monday and tuesday the gold...
  16. aravinthrajm

    Gold & silver daily levels - aravinthrajm

    Dear traders, You can find this thread getting updated daily with international Spot Gold & Silver levels. I will be posting the performance also. If you find it useful please reply.