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    In memory of Alex K Mathews

    Most of us remember where we were on September 11, 2001 when news came in about the attack on World Trade Centre. My boss Alex K Mathews and I were preparing to leave our office in Kollam, Kerala for the day when I turned on the TV to watch CNN. It showed a tall building on fire and I called...
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    Assistance in share trading

    We are into share trading, but once in a while we come across a hitch and need assistance to solve the same. We need an experienced, dedicated, direct person on a paid basis to assist us on a more deeper level. For example like Algo Trading.
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    Bse/nse/nifty/currency/commodity training

    Hello Users, I am from Mumbai and looking for Share Trading Classes. I have attended couple of "Free Seminars" on Share Trading Basics. 1> Mr. Nandkishor Haram of NIHD Institute 2> Mr. Ravindra Bhokse of Can any one suggest which one is best of them...
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    Billionaire vision!!

    Hi everybody :clap: Here's wishing you and me billions!! Am I glad I joined traderji!! My story is so typical of many of the trading and investing books I have read... and so must you have read and experienced. I started almost a 15 years ago, all enchanted by this magical world, an...
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    Login Problems with Trading account

    I am not able to login to my 5 paisa share trading account and could do any transactions, ever since my account is opened. I have been sending several mails, and made so many calls, I have even requested by sending letters by post, so far I could not be able to login. My password got locked...