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  1. P

    Beginner Trading Questions

    I have some initial questions while I dive into trading - As an investor in India, can you only purchase stocks that are listed in BSE and NSE? - How can you find out if an indian company is listed in BSE and/or NSE? - Are there ways to find out the industry/sector a given indian company...
  2. R

    Traders let’s meet in Hyderabad

    You know what is the reason behind success of educational university or institute? They bring together people from all walks of life with common passion and then they nurture and feed them the level of knowledge they desire. Similarly, market is one common thread which attracted all of us...
  3. T

    Greetings to all fellow traders!

    Howdy! I'm trader_wader! a young B.E graduate who refuses to do a B.E related job because he has irrevocably and obsessively fallen for the exhilarating experience of a lifetime caaaaaaaaaaaaalled TRADING! As of now i have no trading experience, only theoretical knowledge :D I'm also a...
  4. G

    Want to know about share market

    Me, Ganesh - new to share market and don't know anything about investing and day trading. I am interested in long term investing and also in day trading, please help me in this matter and tell me what to do and don't. Is share khan is good or which platform is okay ? Need your help...
  5. meet444

    Basic technical analysis with EOD candlestick charts of Indian markets

    This thread is opened to all simply 1 Post your charts(only candlestick EOD) with your analysis 2 Indicators allowed 3 Please include your trend,support and resistance lines 4 Show basic pattern if they are forming on charts 5 If you give targets post with reasons and...
  6. D

    Share Market Tips

    Are you disheartened of investing in stock market with market analysis that affects your financial future?