1. D

    High Volume stocks live on spreadsheet for Intraday trading

    High volume stocks are widely used by traders for intraday trading. In this spreadsheet we check the current volume of stocks and compare them with last 10 days average volume and sort them in descending. I have listed 212 F&O stocks for analyzing. The volume information is picked from...
  2. K

    Sharing some analytics

    Hi all, I am new here but have been a capital market professional and an investor for many years. I would like to share some analytics report I have developed for my own trading and would be terrific to receive some feedback. This is a daily report I generate programmatically everyday...
  3. E

    Scanner/Screener websites

    Hi , i wanted to ask about Websites that Scan/Screen stocks based on defined indicator parameters. Currently i use many different website yet unable to get desired output. Any advice?
  4. ritabrata.bhattacharyya

    Fundamental Stock Screener

    Can anybody help with a good fundamental stock screener ? Can you help me find a good Stock Screener for Indian Stock Markets ? I need a place where I could search the entire universe of NSE stocks with multiple search criteria like Market Cap, EBIT, ROCE, Net Capital Assets, Debt etc. ICICI...
  5. A

    Stock pick / screener exploration

    Hope traderji pals will find this useful Stock pick/screener exploration ==================== Buy criteria : (Combining leading + lagging indicators) 1) EMA3 crosses EMA15 from below 2) Price > 25 3) MACD crosses Signal from below OR 4) Stochastic %K crosses %D from below For...
  6. S

    Any one ripped off by zeebob stock screener pro like me?

    As software claims to pridict macd bullish crossover in next 3 days , I was tempted to buy but found it bogus. I still unable to believe it but want to confirm that anyone have such experience?