1. A

    Finding the formulae inside chartink scanners which are private

    Hello, I am trying to find a scanner on chartink but it's been private. Like this: Is there anyway to find the formulae inside chartink scanners which are private ? Thanks, Best Regards.
  2. N

    Ready to pay for a custom stock scanner for TWS

    I want to know if someone here can somehow make a custom stock scanner that will work with Interactive Brokers' TWS to scan for stocks that meet the set technical criteria. Of course, I'm willing to pay for it if I get what I need. The scanning criteria isn't very complicated given that I've...
  3. A

    intraday scanner

    Hi, Anyone know intraday scanner for NSE stocks.. I have amibroker but.. the data feed is for minimum number of stocks. Any seperate intraday stock scanner would be good I require for MACD intraday scanning purpose
  4. X

    Exploration AFL Debugging

    Greetings! I like to share with you a first alpha stage of a code Im writing in order to make basic indicator exploration on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframes with a "Percentage ScoreRank" result system. This alpha is basically the main body of a more complicated code (that will and...
  5. R

    Can someone help me in this?

    hi guys, i wish someone could help me write a afl which scans for bullish/bearish condition in higher tf (1hr) and then gives buy/sell signal on the conditions in lower TF say 15m. for eg.. if macd is bullish in 1hr tf then it must give signals (buy) when macd is bullish in 15min. vice versa...
  6. E

    Scanner/Screener websites

    Hi , i wanted to ask about Websites that Scan/Screen stocks based on defined indicator parameters. Currently i use many different website yet unable to get desired output. Any advice?
  7. Logitech

    Help for Bollingar Band Scanner.

    Guys, I am trying to write a scanner to find stocks that have reached lower bollingar band with setting of bbandbot(C,200,2) on a 5 min chart. below is the code That I have written which I think should work but for some reason when I scan nothing comes up in scanner, I'll appreciate if any...
  8. K

    chart pattern scanner

    Hi Friends, Does anyone know of any scanner/software that can scan for chart patterns such as rectangles, pennants, etc. Thanks. Kaurna