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    Algo trading made easy :Flash Trader

    Flash Trader has all the features that a retail Trader needs including real time data , backfill , Algo Trading , button trading .. Currently available for 6 brokers Zerodha, Alice blue, Upstox, Finvasia, Angel Broking and Fyers..more brokers to be added soon. Order execution time half than web...
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    Flash trader

    Have a look at this...this is one stop solution for every thing a trader needs..
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    Real Time Data Feed Required

    Hi, This is Aniket. I am new to the forum. I am a Derivatives enthusiast and I like to work around with strategies. I have been trying to find a way to get Real Time Data Feed in excel so that I can set up option chains and strategies for analysis. I have an account with Upstox and have been...
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    josh1 RTD source code

    This page mentions https://github.com/SpiffSpaceman/TradingTools/blob/5b1684ec71ba226b729e36f92350ce9011fa5cf4/README-RTDMan.md " " Can anyone point me to the source code of RTNOW by josh1? Thanks
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    Help with Nest

    Hi guys, i am using Nest Terminal for Zerodha and also for Karvy. I have been having difficulty to get the real time data from Nest to link to Excel (No Aibroker or FCharts) I have been working on an option Valuation model for which i just want RTD in Excel. I have tried everything but "#N/A"...
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    Nest Trader Data to Excel 2007

    Hello, Thanks for reading the post. I am new to the trading world and to this community. I have gone through some of the old posts in this forum and did not find what I am looking for so I started this thread. I am trading with Reliance money and I was provided with Nest Trading Terminal...