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    How to Sell 6 year old stocks in Reliance Money?

    This might probably the simplest question anyone has ever asked but Reliance Money is giving me hard time selling my 6 year old stocks! Note that I have not used Reliance money since 2008 recession. Here's what I need: I have around 100 stocks for a specific company that never went back to...
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    What is the brokerage for futures and options in various firms

    Hi guys , I have icicidirect and Reliance money . ICICIdirect is a bit costly as it has a high brokerage and especially for options they charge me approx 250 rs for buying and selling an option lot . So effective i gotta make more than 500 for a purchase to be successful . Can anyone who does...
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    how to convert margin postions to delivery in RM

    Hi, I am new to this community & need your help. I have purchased some shares in margins (Intraday) in Reliance Money. I want to convert it to delivery now. How can I do that? What will happen if i dont sell them? i have tried to convert them do delivery by following option. Click on...
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    Reliance money Supertrade

    Today I have been trying to download this software but the ftp did not work. Any fresh leads for trouble shooting. Reliance money help lines have been handed over to smaller branches where reach is no more there on telephone. The said company also raised the brokarage without improving...
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    Reliance revised charges?

    Has Reliance Money revised their prepaid card brokerage charges? If they have can someone post the link?