option strategies

  1. A

    Options strategy builder app

    I have created a free option strategies builder app. It is in testing phase now and I would like to get feedback about this app from real traders before releasing it to production. I request you to install this app and tell me your suggestions and feedback. I will try to add them before...
  2. Nikhil Dogra

    Volatility Day Trading

    Volatility trading is simply buying and selling the expected future volatility of the instrument. Rather than predicting whether the price of an asset will move up or down, volatility traders are concerned with how much movement, in any direction, will occur. The most common way to trade...
  3. M

    best available OPTION STRATEGY simulator?

    Hi guys i have been in the market for over 10 years, and lost in stocks, i have lost in commodities, and currencies too. and i was very bad experience. now i am trying to understand Stock options better and really trying my best on this. and this time i don't want to fail. seeing a hope in...
  4. M

    Greek Option Trader

    i am starting this thread for discussion about the option greeks . like delta , gamma , theta , vega , rho and etc..
  5. M

    Protective Put Advanced Version: Part 2

    Protective Put Advanced Version Part 2: (Only for New and Inexperienced Traders And again NOT for Born Genius Traders) Those who did not know Part 1 of this strategy Please read below link...
  6. B

    options strategies to trade in nifty.

    Hello, this is mandar. I trade in derivatives. mostly in nifty. for analyzing, i use candlestick chart. i have never used any options strategies till now. use to put only stoploss. so in this thread, i want to ask everyone that how many of you using options strategies to trade in nifty? and your...
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    New member

    Hi all I have just joined this site, and want to more about the option strategies and currency market.