do u know how to trade with the help of option greeks ?

  • yes

    Votes: 8 44.4%
  • no

    Votes: 10 55.6%

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Option trading offers several key advantages that are not available to traders who deal only in the underlying securities. Not only is there the ability to leverage a market opinion while potentially risking only a small dollar value, there is also the opportunity to adjust a current open trade into some other position with an eye toward locking profits, increasing profit potential and/or reducing risk.
Successful options trading is not about being correct most the time, but about being a good repair mechanic. When things go wrong, as they often do, you need the proper tools and techniques to get your strategy back on the profit track. Here we demonstrate some basic repair strategies aimed at increasing profit potential on a long call position that has experienced a quick unrealized loss.
Option Trading is like playing CHESS. If you master GREEKS You will enjoy a lot as Success rate will be High. After some time by Practice and Experience*You can become Grand Master in Option Also.

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