option day trading

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    day trading ideas for 02/02/21

  2. P

    what should be datatype for expiry date and current date in black scholes model?

    what should be datatype for expiry date and current date in black scholes model? It should be date or timestamp? i.e. 18-09-2019 or 18-09-2019 10:10:10 Regards, Paresh
  3. T

    Lets Talk Options Trading

    Hi everyone, I am new here to the forum. I am an options trader in the USA and I am interested to know how many people in India are interested and active in trading options in the markets? Let's discuss and good luck with your trading!
  4. S

    Daily Options an Futures Trading Ideas

    I am New to Traderji, can any one tell me in which thread i can find Daily Options an Futures Trading Ideas
  5. L

    Doubt in option trading

    hi, i am sarath and i am new to traderji... i have a doubt regarding option trading .so many option traders are trading mid month and far month for trading and hedging for short term...why they use far month and mid month ...:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  6. DayTrader007

    Investors Lose 7 Lakh Crores. Day Traders make 2100% Profit.

    If you read todays all news papers and yesterdays 24/08/2015 all news channels you find only one Breaking News all over saying bloodbath on all world stock markets and in India biggest crash in 7 years and investors loses Rs. 7 Lakh Crore in one day. If you are new to stock market please...
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    Actually, 'options trading' operates the whole market.

    Hello Everybody! New to TJ, but know TJ since 6-7 years. Active trader since 2007. Opinion mentioned above in the title is the experience, from the market I want to share. Fundamentally, as we think normally that movement in the capital market moves the index, but what my opinion is movement in...
  8. fahadmalik

    Option Strategy Guide

    Dear TraderJi members, Happy Diwali in Advance :clap::thumb::clapping: Using Nest Trading Terminal. Zerodha is my Broker Need Help in Option Strategy. Newbie in Option...mostly trade in Commodity Where to Execute the Option Buy/Sell Order, I have seen the video of BSE2NSE 1...
  9. coolharsh20

    Stock Market Crash??

    Some Investors like Warren buffet and Many Economist are predicting that stock markets can collapse anytime. Reasons: 1. Vix @ all time low. 2. Even a common man knows - "Start of Bull market." ?????? 3. Inflation tends to rise in USA. QE withdrawn in steps. 4. Too optimistic. 5...
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    hello everybody...i am a very new trader. barely a month in the field. my strong desire to earn money to enjoy life led me to trading....i am really in the learning process...have lost a few grands these past few weeks. well, i am trading in forex and options only for the time being...dont...
  11. M

    Which Charts to follow - Underlying or Options?

    Hello All Experienced Seniors, This question is for all the experienced options traders. My query is when you are following an options trade (put or call) do you keep track of your movements as per your chosen option or you follow the chart of the underlying? For example if I am long on Nifty...
  12. V

    Need practical advise to trade in NIFTY Option

    Dear Friends, Good to be a part of traders family! I started NIFTY option trading 3 months ago. I need guidance from experienced NIFTY option traders on the following: How to spot entry points for put or call option How and where to set stop loss How to spot changing trends I...