nifty positional trade

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    Nifty and banknifty trading strategy with st

    Hello Dear all i am starting this new thread with my very simple to use 60 min supertrend strategy which i have applied and made profits since many months, although sometimes taking a break due to my job constraints and family commitments. Overall i feel this is a nice method. i am now...
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    Nifty nothing to Do but to Dip

    Why Nifty to dip? The reasons are: 1. On 11th Feb 09, appearence of Hanging Man followed by confirmation sign of downtrend when nifty closed below the real body of Hanging man on 12 Feb 09. 2. Buy on rumours and sell on news funda will be completed after Interim Budget tabled on. 3...
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    Nifty Futures Trading Part 2 (Positional)

    As of now I take the initiative to hive off positional trading posts from the Intraday Asishda's thread, Please post your nifty views based on theories not similar to Saint's or other nifty thread's already present. Thanks. Here I had previously posted, Nifty position to be taken above the...