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    Help me with Opening an account!!!

    Hi Friends, I mainly deal with penny stocks like JP, Unitech, GMR etc. My investment amount is from 50k to 75k. Someone please help me with the brokerage world. I tend to get confused all the time becoz im new to trading. I went to Share khan and they are offering me 5 paise per share for...
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    Need advice on opening new trading and demat account.

    Hi , I am a total newbie and want to learn trading . So I have decided to open the necessary trading and demat accounts. I intend to trade with only Rs.10,000 in the first 3-4 moths while learning the basics. I have visited various brokers, best offer I am getting is from Kotak Bank, I...
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    New momentum day trader

    Hello all, I have taken the Bulls on Wallstreet 3month bootcamp and have been involved with them for a year. I have 4 months of papertrading and am looking to start live but am in the process of finding a prop trading firm. I am from Canada. Thanks, :)
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    New Trader in TOWN :-)

    Hi, I am sangram from thane, Maharashtra. Its great to see wonderful community to help others..I would love be a part of this community. I came across traderji from Search engines & i started exploring posts.. I am 23 years old & software engineer by profession. I wish to try my hand in...
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    Help on new account

    I've applied for a account on National Spot Exchange ltd, in their requirements they asked for 2 blank cheques. What is the requirement for that? Can't they misuse those cheques?