1. Shivam DUbey

    MF poll

    Which of the given below funds you think is good and why ? How would you rate them on 5 star? 1. quantum long term equity 2. mirae asset india opportunity 3. ING Dividend yield 4. sahara growth 5. bnp paribas dividend yield
  2. R

    Lapse Policy

    Hi, I have some hdfc SL crest policy, which is paid once only and it has lapsed...i was told i will get refund only after 5 years...with 4% interest.... Can anyone please suggest ...can i get this refund before the stipulated time or any best alternative solution.... Thanks, rahul
  3. V

    Why Direct-Growth plan charge higher then others

    I purchased mutual fund , when I got details its showing Direct-Growth NAV higher then others NAV GrowthRs.17.2417 DividendRs.14.4655 Direct-GrowthRs.17.4661 Direct-DividendRs.14.6717 See in this link...
  4. A

    Lower NAV or Higher?

    Should the Scheme with lower NAV be preferred over a scheme with higher NAV, if both the schemes fall under the same category?
  5. G

    Google Docs to track Indian MF NAV

    Just thought of sharing it It gets data from Just enter Fund Name, NAV price ,Quantity ,Date( optional ). It will do the rest. Please find correct...
  6. V

    Dont check the NAV, its irrelevant.

    Before buying anything, we all have a tendency to check the price of that particular product. Be it household items, apparels or even stocks. And to get the best deal possible we also do bargain. Dont we? Unfortunately this tendency of checking the price (NAV) has also creped into many of you...
  7. P

    MF NAV Feed

    I am looking for a regular periodic NAV Feed either in .txt/xls which will have the latest NAVs of all the Funds. I know it is available on AMFI Site has the text format, however it needs to be downloaded manually by visiting the site everytime. Is there any other source or way to get it without...