1. Shivam DUbey

    Mutual fund returns

    Why is it that mutual funds have very high 1 year returns and lower 2,3,5,7,and 10 year returns? What if invest only for one year and take 29 % return and then again invest that amount for 10 consecutive years. (I know this doesnt make much sense, if it did people would have been doing it...
  2. Shivam DUbey

    Fund managers holdings

    How can we get to know or where do we get the information regarding how much the fund managers hold in the mutual fund they manage?
  3. F

    CPPI funds in India

    HI everyone!! can anyone please tell me if there is any fund operating in india based on CPPI(Constant proportion portfolio insurance) model if yes then which of these funds were launched in the last 2-3 years? Thanks in advance!!
  4. arun_mathaiyan

    <Transferring Shares and Mutual Fund to another demat account>

    Hi, I want to transfer all the shares and mutual funds from my old icici demat account to the new sharekhan account. I know there is option to transfer shares but i have tax saving mutual fund with lockin period. Is it possible to transfer the tax saving and normal equity mutual fund to...
  5. H

    How to invest in non-Indian mutual funds?

    I'm an Indian and I wanna invest in non-Indian MFs (American, Chinese, African, etc., funds). How can I do this? Although I shall prefer investing via the online channel, if there's no online option, the regular paper-based method shall also do. Please advise.