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    Shall I send my business and invest in Mutual Funds?

    I am from India. I have a small hotel, which generates around 70k/average per month. Some months high, some months low. 70k after deducting business expenses. From this 70k, I have a personal home expense of around 50k to 60k. I have 9 members in my family, and this is the only business I...
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    Why to invest in SIP and How to invest in SIP?

    At this time, when our economy is down, I just wanted to know is it suggested to invest or not in the mutual funds.
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    Hello Guys

    Hi Guys!!! Looks like this is an awesome community. I hope I can learn a lot from here, especially on mutual funds. With that in mind, anyone can give a brief introduction on mutual funds? Sorry I'm very noob when it comes to markets and mutual funds. Thanks! Ravi
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    Growth or Dividend Re-Invest option?

    I am a very long term investor and understand the difference between the Growth option and the Dividend Re-Invest option,but I am not able to calculate the which option from the above two would be better returns generating option among the two.I am seeing this only from the point of view of returns.
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    Best Brokerage Firm in India

    Hello Gurus in India, Fast forward to 3+ years. All the forums I see at least 3 yeas old for which brokerage firm is best in India. I am wondering to see if things got improved from 2009+ in brokerage firms. I see lot of complaints regarding Reliance Money, Axis 3 in 1, ICICI, Sharekhan...
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    Want to invest in Mutual Fund & Gold ETF, which trading platform to go for?

    Hi, I am new investor planning to do investments online. Mainly i will be investing in Mutual Funds (regular way or SIP) and Gold ETF. Do I need to open Trading account as well, along with Demat account. Also which would be the optimal trading platform for me to go for, ICICIDirect or...
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    New to MF : need advice on portfolio

    I have recently started investing in Mutual Funds and have chosen the following portfolio. Need your comments and advice. 1. DSPBR Top 100 Equity 2000 2. HDFC Top 200 3000 3. HDFC Prudence 4000 4. IDFC Premier Equity...
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    best demat account

    Hi friends, I would like to invest in multiple mutual funds in SIP,Gold ETFs and also stocks. which demat account will be suitable for me to do all these transactions at one place. and i can invest 15k per month, so pls help me to select which MFs give high returns. Pls help me out...
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    Best funds to start SIP

    Hi, I would like to do monthly SIP for 10K. I am planning to do this for next 5 years. I am new to mutual fund. I don't need this money for next 5 years. Can somebody help me to find 4-5 best funds for me? Regards, Joby
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    SIP or voluntarily regualr investment in MF

    Hi all, I am new to mutual funds investments, i have gone through some documents and blogs in the NET and got some idea about the MF and how it works. now my doubt is whether to opt SIP method or voluntarily invest in MF. i want to invest around 20000 every month, so that i can invest...