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    Need suggestion for new SIP

    Hello! I am 25, unmarried. Working in a public sector unit and my net salary per month is 45k. I have started investing in SIPs from October 2018. My present portfolio consists Aditya Birla Sun Life TR96 growth(ELSS) - 3k per month Axis Long Term Equity Fund(ELSS) - 3k pm SBI Small Cap Fund...
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    DSP BR Equity Dividend Vs Growth Options

    DSP BR Equity is one of the best multi cap fund. But DSP Equity Dividend is 12 year old fund with good long term performance where as DSP Equity Growth is new fund. Can we choose DSP Equity Growth instead of DSP Equity Dividend in case if we want to for growth option only? Is there any...
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    Best Multicap Fund

    Which is the best multicap fund among DSP BR Equity and Reliance Regular Savings Equity. Both looks good, but given only one choice, which can be voted for?