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  1. R

    Which is the best on going hybrid funds- Monthly Dividend ?

    Hi, Which is the best on going hybrid funds which provides Monthly Dividend ? type of risk evolved ? Thanks!
  2. timepass

    Monthly 1 lakh using Bank RD 22000 per month- Possible ?

    I came across this poster of Central Bank of India and it got me thinking. Now, if I invest in all the 10 years schemes, it costs Rs. 22000 per month for 1 year, and then starts returning 1 lakh per month from 13th month onwards. Another advantage is "No TDS" !! How does it sound ...
  3. T

    Prospects of Monthly income scheme (Reliance)

    Hi, I have invested Rs 2 Lac in Reliance monthly income scheme. For the last three months it had been paying poorly dividends i.e b/w 300-550 Rs P.M Per Lac .Over and above the price of the unit have also gone down from 2 lacs to 1.95 lac. I am confused over the currentr scenario. Kindly...