market price

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    L.T.D(last trading price)

    Let n1 = total no. of seller n2 = total no. of buyer These sellers and buyers are on the market place. The table shows the no. of buyers and sellers agree at particular share price P. for ex: S1/b1 agrees at share price P1 Then which one is the trade price ? Point out me where I am...
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    How is demand curve line be defined in the given market price graph?

    On the supply line at price = 2000 , quantity = 5 it is defined→ if the price =2000 per share ,5 share will be supplied. similarly on the demand line at price = 5000 ,quantity= 5 →how is it defined??
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    What is market price ?

    From the given screenshot below what I understood is: • Price increases as quantity of share supplied S increases [ for ex: 1share price = x 5share price = 5x ] • Quantity of demand D increases as share price decreases • And the price at which S and D intersect is...
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    Difference between holding price and market price

    what is the difference between holding price and market price for the share taken as investment? currently i am having share holding price is 985 and market price is 1022. when i should sell this share? in investment after selling share ,it is required to buy same share again?