1. wabuf

    Intraday Profit / Loss MGM

    Hi Traders .. I day trade equities and my problem is " Profit / Loss MGM " . usually 7 / 10 scripts my analysis is correct . I have a good entry strategy . The problem is when the stock falls or rises after my entry i exit too early (with just 1-2 pts) fearing that my profits would get eaten...
  2. H

    Hello All

    Hello fellow traders... I am a newbie here and in the trading sector and have already suffered a lot of losses, that was so immature of me. I am here now to gain the knowledge and groom myself with all the valuable experience of Traderji family to get back on track.
  3. P

    Need good advice on NHPC & IRB

    Hello Guys, I am holding some shares of NHPC & IRB (sob sob), and am not sure when to sell them off, to reduce the loss I am going to make. :confused: I bought the shares during their IPO, and both are way below their IPO prices of Rs36 (NHPC) & Rs185 (IRB Infra). Please help me in deciding...
  4. S


    Hi All I trade to pass my time as I do not have much to do. My experience tells me that I am making my broker and the govt rich day by day. I want to learn from learned members how I also can become rich. I am sure I get the info in this forum. Thanks Sitarama BA