1. R

    Stop loss hunting on cover and bracket orders

    Hello traders. I wanted to ask whether there are any traders who are successful using bracket and cover orders, because I've heard that the hedge funds and investment banks, or anyone with huge amount of money can view our stop losses and manipulate the stock price accordingly and our stop...
  2. N

    Flat fee Brokers offering Leverage in equity delivery cnc

    I am not a full-time trader. I have other accounts for investor profile. I am looking for Flat fee broker offering following specific requirements: 1) Shares as Margin for delivery CNC 2) Leverage for delivery CNC 3) Convert intraday into CNC 4) BTST (optional) After lots of googling...
  3. wabuf

    Scalping broker needed

    HI , anyone scalping here ?? which broker are you using ? assuming 10 - 50 trades to be done and fast execution i am on icici . everthing is good except brokerage charge for eg for a stock of rs 100 , 1000 shares costs me rs200 brokerage with 2200 amount .leverage is good though but...
  4. wabuf

    Broker for highest leverage

    Hi traders I want to know which broker gives highest leverage for day trading . I have a demat acc with icici & gives 50 times variably . I have heard a lot about zerodha but its trading leverage is low . any other in your opinion .?? Thank You
  5. P

    Brokrage and leverage for currency trading

    Hey, I am new to TJ nd trading. I am a beginner and paper trading right now in USDINR pair. I want to switch to live account soon and want your help and suggestions regarding leverage provided by indian brokers. I have been searching and all the brokers advertise their brokerage but haven't...
  6. M

    How to calculate leverage for futures?

    I am trading in future stocks and i am having difficulty selecting stocks because of leverage. I dont know whether i can explain it properly but i will try my best. I have an account of 60000 and want to select a fututre stock. example if i select MRF stock( ~35000rs) a slight change in...
  7. M

    Increased Margin requirements!

    I received many emails from brokers where I am registered saying that they have increased margin, some offering only 1:10 leverage now on many pairs. Can anyone recommend for me STP broker that is still offering 1:500 please. A friend of mine is scalping at IV Brokers with 1:500, and I opened...
  8. E

    Forex Trading

    Hello All, "This is for all the people trading or investing in any financial market." I recently checked out the differences between Stock Markets and Forex and to my surprise Forex is way more flexible and provides lot of other advantages over Stock Market. What do you guys think about...
  9. R

    Debt Component in Nifty

    Hi, I am trying to value a stock using CAPM. The company is debt free and profit making but the Beta w.r.t. Nifty is 1.09 (per reuters) To make sense of the market premium on Nifty and use it to calculate the cost of capital of company, I need the amount of debt that the components of nifty...
  10. A

    Max Leverage & holding period for Delivery transactions

    I heard that Religare offers 4 times leverage and a holding period for 5 days for delivery transactions. Does anyone have knowledge of a better offer ? Thanks!